Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger out of order

Blogger (blogspot) was out of order during Thursday and Friday. One comment alludes to deleted comments: I hope all have now been restored, but the momentary loss of comments (and at least one post) was due to a technical glitch at Google, not anything we did.  We haven't deleted anything.  Let's hope Google has finally gotten things back running properly.

This is a major embarrassment for Google, especially since they have been claiming that publishing things "in the cloud" is safe & reliable.



  1. YOu must be kidding! Do you think people are likely to believe this really happened? Come on! Isn't this just a ploy so that the stuff that is "too nasty" for your taste (and the administration) has been removed?

  2. Not all of the comments from yesterday have been restored.

  3. Oh, you've nailed me. I'm a total administrative patsy, and my conspiratorial powers extend to manufacturing official statements from Google and news stories critical of Google. But the vast conspiracy between me and Google and Rita H. Cheng cannot withstand your penetrating insight.

    Note the links in my original post.

    Actually, I don't control Google. Sorry about that. If they've lost your comment, you're welcome to repost it.


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