Sunday, May 15, 2011


I suspect I won't be the only one not paying as much attention to this blog for the next few weeks, but I thought I should announce that I'll be away from Carbondale for three weeks or so--though I'll no doubt do what I can to keep in touch electronically, and will continue to post, if not quite as obsessively as I have been doing.

Events will likely move at a more stately, dare I say academic pace over the summer. With any luck there will be progress in negotiations; but there will also, unless things go astoundingly well in said negotiations, be conflict, and preparations for greater conflict come fall.  (This is precisely the sort of expert banal analysis you'll be getting less of in the medium term.) And of course there will be other things of interest beyond administration-FA relations.

One good place to keep updated on union matters will be the joint union website.  The FA website is supposed to be undergoing a Complete Makeover, so will be worth a surf too.

At any rate, thanks to all--bloggers, readers, comment writers--for making this a rather more lively and rewarding experience than Namdar and I (or at least I) had thought it would be, back when we got started.


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