Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Saluki Way Plows Forward

The DE has a solid story on the construction currently underway on campus to ready the way for the new $32 million student services building.  This all to further Saluki Way, whose goal, as the story puts it (no doubt quoting official language) is to "establish a new campus core at the university": parking, an administrative building, and sports, sports, sports.  
Debbie O’Neill, a graduate student in speech communication and women studies from Washington, said she doesn’t understand why over $1 million is spent on parking lots when the university’s academics are suffering from the budget crisis.
“I’m adamantly against spending that kind of money,” she said. “They’re going to spend $1 million on parking? That’s ludicrous. They need to put that money back into education.”
Before parking lots 10A and 10B were redesigned, O’Neill said there were two rows of trees within the lots, which are now gone.
“(The university) took out the trees that gave shade to people in cars and made the university look nicer,” she said. “There was no need … there wasn’t even a need to resurface that lot. It wasn’t pockmarked and torn up. That was a waste of money and a waste of time. It was an absolute waste of everything.”

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