Friday, August 26, 2011

"Informational Picketing" for Thursday 9/1

Here an announcement in which I shed my kinda objective sorta journalistic blogger hat for my union activist cap.

The campus IEA unions are holding an "informational picket" on Thursday from 11-1, on the campus side of route 51 near the intersection with Grand Avenue. The basic message we hope to send is that the administration needs to get serious about bargaining fair contracts with the various union campus--in order to prevent information picketing from the upgrade to strike picketing. Below you should see a flier announcing the four union rally/picket to be held on Thursday. Do feel free to copy, print, and distribute widely if you are so inclined. Other fliers are also making their way around campus.

A strong turnout for this event will be crucial to applying pressure on the administration to get moving at the bargaining table. If lots of people show up, the administration may feel a greater need to adopt a more flexible bargaining posture and hence prevent a strike. 

In the interest of fair play, I'd be willing to post announcements for any "Save Our Administration" rallies as well.

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  1. Hi Everyone! Please help to spread the word about this action. A strong showing could help us move toward a settlement of the contracts and avert a strike. Also, check out the SIUC Unions United blog (link on the Deo Volente homepage) for information about how you can help to make signs!

  2. A small turn out would also be informative... (Not that I think anyone in the FA leadership is listening to faculty)

  3. Anonymous @ 8:59, if you actually want your complaints about the FA leadership heard you need to sign a membership form.

    ALL the IEA locals Constitution and ByLaws are very clear; union leaders are democratically elected by the membership. Become a member, get your friends and colleagues to do the same, and vote for leaders that share your interests and values.

  4. Dear Anonymous August 27, 2011 8:59 AM

    There is a big difference between listening to someone and acting on issues of general interest. If FA leadership is not doing what you expect FA to do, this does not mean they are not listening to you. May be your arguments are not fair, may be you have self motive, may be your opinions are not consistent with many others…. If you believe a lot of other faculty members share your opinions, then be a true leader; come to the rally, brings others with you, and make your voice heard. Look for those who share your opinions and would like to follow your lead. FA has listened to me and addressed my issues. A big “Thanks You” to FA leadership.


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