Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dave Johnson on Morning Conversation (10/26/2011): SIUC Faculty Association

Morning Conversation (10/26/2011): SIUC Faculty Association | Podcast Player | WSIU Radio

Dave Johnson did an excellent job answering rather pointed questions from "Morning Conversations" host Jennifer Fuller this morning. Admittedly I am biased, but it seemed to me that her questions were a bit more probing than they are when President Poshard or Chancellor Cheng are her guests. Nonetheless, I think Dave did a great job responding to them, and I applaud the rigor of the interview. I hope that Fuller will continue to ask tough questions and tough follow-up questions of all her guests.


  1. Excellent job, Dave! You did a wonderful job this morning.

  2. Well done, Dave. You were asked the searching questions found elsewhere and answered them lucidly

  3. Simple answer to most of the questions asked by the reporter:
    Whatever Cheng has been stating in public, put that in the binding contract. Cheng’s administration and BOT (except two members on the Board) have lost credibility and trust. No more, “believe me” is going to fly.

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