Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Information and Preparation Rally Wednesday Evening

If you support the unions, want last minute information, and plan to picket, please try to attend this meeting.  If you can't attend the meeting, please come out Thursday morning and join the picket lines -- any of them at the entrances to campus. And of course, if you are unable to picket for any reason but want to help, please report to Strike Headquarters.  You don't have to be a member of one of the unions to join the picket line!

If it comes to a strike, the fastest way to end it is to have a strong showing on Day One. 


  1. Picket's Charge

    “Damn them all”,
    “Damn them all!”,
    “Right up the center boys”,
    Rally at Picket’s call.

    “Answer the bugle cry”,
    “Fear not to live or die”,
    “Forward together boys”,
    Rally at Picket’s call.

    Some marched at brother’s side,
    Some feared the sergeant’s hide,
    Some rose to duty’s call;
    But they answered to Picket’s call.

    Forward as one they strode,
    Facing the Yankee load,
    Dying and wounded fell;
    But they answered to Picket’s call.

    “Strive for the heights” they’d call,
    “Breach through the graveyard wall”,
    “Right’s surely on our side”;
    But they answered to Picket’s call.

    Briefly the wall they reached,
    But could not hold the breach.
    At last the day was lost;
    But they’d answered to Picket’s call.

    Their passion and vigor spent,
    Back to their lines they went.
    Weeping for all they’d lost;
    But they’d answered to Picket’s call.

    Remember the charge they made,
    Honor the price they paid,
    Reverence the lives they gave,
    Remember Picket’s Charge.

    Now through history’s lens we spy,
    Silent now the battle cry,
    Passion is all swept away.
    Remember Picket’s Charge.

    What bought the butcher’s bill?
    What earned the blood that spilled?
    What did the slaughter gain?
    Remember Picket’s Charge.

    Lost ‘fore it e’re began,
    Flawed was the general’s plan,
    Wasted the carnage was!
    Mourn now for Picket’s Charge.

    On that day they history made,
    But too high the price they’d paid.
    The wall was their farthest reach.
    Mourn now for Picket’s Charge.

    On that day the Cause was lost.
    No more could bear the cost.
    On that day the end began;
    Learn now from Picket’s Charge.

  2. Un. Friggin'. Real.

  3. I guess the FA folks want to emulate the charge and its outcome.

  4. Or Thomas the Rhymer wants the FA to see the same results as the charge. Is Thomas perchance loading the FSN cannons?

  5. 10:40 AM,

    We are winning. The contract we end up with will be better than the imposed terms. I guess Thomas was happy to accept the imposed terms.

    BTW: http://www.archive.org/stream/pickettschargean00brooiala#page/n15/mode/2up

  6. "Thomas the Rhymer" would not even last in any tense negotiations let alone the battlefield since he would quickly wave the white flag before Rita.


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