Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Health insurance premiums could double

If your eyes glaze over when reading news of the AFSCME negotiations with Governor Rauner, consider this bit from the info on our Benefit Choice Information regarding our health care.
CMS has indicated that employee and dependent premiums could potentially double. 
 AFCSME negotiations are currently on hold, as Rauner claims they are at an impasse, which would allow him to impose his terms--including that doubling in premiums. AFSCME says Rauner has not been negotiating in good faith. These are precisely the charges we saw at this campus, though Rauner is seeking a ruling from the labor board before imposing terms. Democrats in the Assembly have been pushing a measure to require binding arbitration to settle such disputes; the On Labor website has a good summary of what such a bill would mean.

Capitol Fax has a he-said she-said version of negotiations. AFSCME is planning a rally on May 18 in Springfield to protest against Rauner.

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