Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"We are Ohio"

Things are quiet on the local union-adminsitration front today, as far as I can tell, but if you are looking for a daily fix, the Chronicle has a quick audio slide show from an effort in Ohio to repeal the law taking away collective bargaining rights from public university faculty. Or, in an advance rather than an attempt at a counter-attack on the faculty union front, here's an Inside Higher Ed story on the move toward unionization at UIC.


  1. Check today's Daily Egyptian. All is not quiet. The groundwork for next year's furloughs or worse is being laid.

    Sorry if I'm sounding paranoid, but what's a name for if not to live up to.

  2. They have enough money for a new floor for the basketball courts in the Rec Center. Will the BOT lower fees and raise tuition?

  3. Yes, they must explain that inconvenient surplus away...

  4. Thanks for the link to the story, which I wish I'd caught. My quick take is that the recent storm damage isn't really on a scale that would impact the overall budget--and the derecho damage is from two years ago now, so long since paid for. We are insured for such things, after all--though there are of course deductibles.

    But if the state calls for a 1% pay back from the 2011 (i.e., never pays 1% of what it promised) and there are large cuts next year, that would have a major fiscal impact. We'd have to analyze the overall budget to see if it would justify furloughs or the like.

    If the state really cuts $11.5 million, we will face some real budgetary trouble, I suspect (though this is without knowing all the details from this year's budget). The question is whether we'll be able to face it divided or unified. If the administration continues to insist on making cuts without reaching agreements with the unions, it will be ugly. The unions of course have their own responsibility to look at the budget in realistic terms, and not resist cuts even should the budget really get tough. But I think they've done that so far.


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