Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Republicans hold on in Wisconsin

As you'll have likely heard, Republicans held on to enough state Senate seats to retain control of that chamber, bad news for the liberal and union activists who aimed to roll back Republican Governor Scott Walker's attack on collective bargaining. Sometimes satire is the best solace for bad news. Try the clip below; it begins with a little inside joke about Colbert's own "Colbert Super PAC" (which he set up to show the rigor of our public financing laws), then we move on to Wisconsin.

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  1. "Even a gifted comedian can’t make campaign-finance law funny."

    You think? Campaign finance is one of those quixotic reforms that merely mires "community organizers" while allowing in labor unions (who started the first PACs), corporations and "Yes, He Can" community organizer Obama to develop his own "parallel system of public financing." Pre-2008, Mr. Obama chided those who advocated public financing laws until they had more $ than the other guy. Presto! He had more $ and he went off the reform farm and accepted "parallel" funding. Those fools, including that "maverick" McCain (as in "McCain-Feingold") who think money is bad and they can slay the windmill can keep on trying.

    Don't get me wrong: I have no problem with labor, corporate or anybody's money flowing into politics. The problem is that money flows out from the government so the interest-group bees head to it like a beehive.

    But I suppose we can mandate that all citizens vote, as they do in Brazil and ended up with a 4th grade educated president. (Disclosure: I was a nonpartisan election analyst for _Correoie Brasiliense_, a Brazilian newspaper in 2008-early 2009. Gave me a good look at their system which contains many of the things desired by "reformers" here. Beware of what you wish for, you might get it!)


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