Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday roundup

Suzanne Daughton of the FA has a fine guest column in the DE on collective bargaining.

In a letter to the DE, Paulette Curkin raises concerns about the search process for a new director of the GLBT resource center. 

The Southern has a she (Cheng) said, he (Johnson) said article on the Chancellor's email. The author of the story (Codell Rodriguez) made a good effort to understand what I was saying, but readers of this blog would be better off just going to the source and reading my response to the email (which includes the text of Cheng's email). It is interesting that the DRC vote to call for a membership vote on a strike got just a "staff" story, but that an email from the Chancellor gets front page coverage. The Southern's editorial stance is pro-administration, which effects their decisions about what stories to cover and how prominently to cover them, but their reporters do endeavor to do a balanced job. 

The Southern also prints a neat letter giving some of the history of the bell-tower logo, and questioning why it had to be replaced.

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  1. The logo letter contains many errors.

    You will remember, I hope, that when the clocktower logo was unveiled there were many, many people on campus who were very, very critical.

    The beat goes on. In the paper and here on this blog.


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