Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Today's cartoon

Cartoon by an anonymous SIUC faculty member. 
[Hey, the comments are anonymous, so why not the cartoons?-ed.]


  1. By the way, while I believe the administration has agreed to maintain the on-campus student to faculty ratio, there is still big debate about how to count off-campus students as we attempt to ramp up distance ed. If off-campus students don't count, then we'd bust open the old 26:1 student faculty ratio from the last contract.

  2. If distance ed is overload, why should it count? Do they count summer courses in the ratio?

    Nice cartoon.

  3. I don't know if it would or should count as an overload. But it obviously should count if it is on load.

  4. If I am teaching as an overload (on top of my other semester teaching responsibilities), this affects my teaching load and my students' access to me. Overloads happen, but I would be very concerned if they become the norm -- an unofficial part of my regular load. So yes, the details of how DL affects the faculty-to-student ratio matters and needs to be carefully negotiated.


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