Friday, December 23, 2011

Performance based funding in the Southern

Just a quick story, but as it directly addressed something I raised in the last post, I thought I'd flag it.  SIUC worthies say SIUC is well positioned for performance based funding, as I hope is the case.

This is also an easy way to make it look like the blog is halfway operational over the break--which is probably optimistic. Unlike most journalistic ventures, I don't have a bundle of "evergreen" stories or "best of 2011" items in the bag, so probably won't post much until the new year.  Happy holidays to all.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Morning conversations

President Poshard was on WSIU radio yesterday as one of his regular appearances on Jennifer Fuller's Morning Conversation series. There wasn't a great deal of news here; the conversation centered, as have so many prior conversations with President Poshard, on finances, and the potential challenges facing SIUC. I'll also finally flag my own last Morning Conversation on 11/30, which I just listened to today (not as bad as I remembered it being, a sort of strike recap).

Does anyone else have the feeling that every time President Poshard goes on the radio we lose another 25 students? It's not because Poshard is inarticulate (he isn't), but that he's such a downer. The state's budget isn't in good shape, of course, and one shouldn't lie and say that it is, but the most recent news is good--MAP funding has been restored for the spring, and the state has indeed come through and paid us the last of our overdue FY 2011 funds. But rather than playing up these bits of good or at least reassuring news, Poshard emphasized how awful things would have been had the state not come through. In his last morning conversation, back in late November, he said that the negotiations with the FA took place in the worst imaginable financial situation. That's simply not true. At least in the run up to the strike depressing talk about finances played a tactical goal in helping the administration at the bargaining table. But now the only possible result is to provide us all with a little coal in our stockings. Listening to President Poshard leads one to believe that we are always in the worst imaginable financial situation--or at least that we are on the verge of it.