Strike Series

Links here to all posts during the strike, and some other posts relevant to that event.

Before the strike

DRC moves to hold strike authorization vote (9/16)

Strike FAQs (9/16)

On Students and Striking (9/17)

Suzanne Daughton on the strike vote (9/17)

Cheng's Counteroffensive (9/21)

Cheng: SIUC without faculty means "business as usual" (9/23)

Why I Would Strike (9/25)

"Why You Should Vote Yes on September 28th" (9/28)

92% of FA voters support strike authorization (9/28)

Reactions to the Strike Deadline Vote on WSIL-TV (10/22)

DRC Votes for November 3 Deadline (10/22)

Are Faculty Strikes Effective? (10/24)

Deo volente: Busy at Strike Headquarters (10/30)

And So It Has Come To This...  (11/2)

Thursday, November 3

FA on strike; other locals still in bargaining

Friday, November 4

News Flash: The Administration LIES!

In The Strike Zone -- Friday PM

Saturday, November 5

A Strike Brings Out the Creativity in Folks

Negotiation to Include a Federal Mediator

Sunday, November 6

FA Bargaining Unit Meeting Tonight at 5:00

Negotiations Resume today at 3:00 with a Federal Mediator

Meet Your "Qualified" Replacement

Sunday Cartoon

Monday, November 7

Infinitesimal Calculus

Can You Trust the Press about this Strike?

Important Perspective on Faculty Participation in Determinations of Financial Exigency

Board ensures strike continues

Tuesday, November 8

Back on the Line for Another Day

Where we (the FA) stand

Wednesday, November 9

Qualified Substitute Instructors

Take Heed of Ohio, BOT

Strike Ends

After the strike

Hi Ho, Hi Ho (11/10)

Some initial thoughts on the strike (11/11)

The Details and the Big Picture (11/16)

Help with the tentative agreement (11/18)