Friday, April 29, 2011

"Unions announce intent to strike"

Just one quick clarification for any getting their news mainly from the DE. Today's DE story is rather confused on a number of counts, but while the headline (repeated above) is a forgivable abbreviation, the story proper ought to have more clearly distinguished between an intent to strike notice and the intent to strike. The awkwardly named notice merely gives the unions the right to strike after ten days. Votes by each local would be needed to authorize a strike. So saying the unions "intend to strike" now is a bit like saying the US intends to relect Obama (or elect Trump). The notices say, to my mind, that the unions are beginning to openly prepare for a strike should that become necessary. But the goal is a contract. A strike threat and, should it come to that, a strike, are means to that end. The intent, then, is to do whatever it takes, within our legal rights, to secure a fair contract.

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