Thursday, May 19, 2011

The pension fight

More on the pension issue in an email sent Faculty by Randy Hughes. For those not on his mailing list, I have pasted a copy of his message after the break.

Dear Colleagues,

The Personnel and Pensions Committee in the Illinois House was expected to hold hearings yesterday and today on legislation which would reduce pension benefits for current state employees, including employees at public universities in the state. These two hearings have been cancelled, but the legislation is still on the agenda for hearings scheduled next week. The gist of the proposal is to force current employees participating in SURS either to significantly increase the contributions from their paychecks for pensions or to accept the second tier pension benefits enacted for employees entering the system after December 31, 2010. More information is copied in the forwarded message below and at the web sites listed below.

This is the time to contact your state legislators and let them know your opinion. 

We Are One - Illinois is providing a toll free number to use to connect to your legislator: 888-412-6570 

Use the system at the IEA site to email your legislator:
Stay informed about future developments through these web sites:

State Universities Annuitants Association
Illinois Education Association
We Are One - Illinois
In solidarity,
Randy Hughes

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