Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pensions under threat

[Update: Both Carbondale area representatives, Assemblyman Bost and Senator Leuchtefeld, oppose this bill, according to the folks at their offices I just talked to.  That doesn't mean that calling them won't help--the more opposition they can cite the better. It may mean that those of you who live outside Carbondale should be particularly quick to call your representatives; the bill apparently has democratic support.]

Kristi Brown and Jonathan Bean have the details. It looks like not even clear language in the state constitution can stop our legislators from reducing our pensions to Social Security. This when, of course, one reason people accept the low wages from the state government is because of their traditionally generous pension plans. Here's IEA president Ken Swanson's appeal for NEA members to make calls.  They provide a toll free number to help (and I'm sure they won't be checking to see if you've paid your dues before hooking you up with your legislators).

If you live in the Carbondale area, contact Leuchtefeld and Bost and urge them to oppose this move--it's SB 512.  If you prefer email, here is the email for Bost (Leuchtefeld doesn't provide an address readily on his webpage): .

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  1. Luchtefeld's email address is (that's a lower case L in there).
    Bruce C. Appleby, Professor Emeritus
    (Would use the name, but don't have or know what the URL requested is)


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