Thursday, June 9, 2011

Support better healthcare for GAs on June 14

There will be a demonstration on Tuesday, June 14th, from 12:00-1:30 to support the efforts by GA United to secure better healthcare for GAs.  I pass on the following announcement from Natasha Zaretsky of the FA mobilization committee.  

The Graduate Assistants United (GAU) will be in bargaining on that day, and one of the main issues for them at the bargaining table concerns SIUC's current health insurance coverage. The current plan does not cover preexisting conditions for the first year, which means that an incoming student with a preexisting health condition must spend their first year at the university paying any expenses for that condition out-of-pocket. The plan also includes a $1000 annual maximum out-of-pocket, more than the average monthly salary for GAs. The plan does not include coverage for dependents, pre-natal, or pediatric care; nor does it include dental or vision coverage. The GAU is attempting to bargain a reduction in the maximum out-of-pocket amount, the honoring of pre-existing conditions, and a multi-tiered plan that will provide options for things like dental and vision coverage, as well as coverage for spouses/partners.

This coming Tuesday, we want to show our support for the GAU at the bargaining table. To that end, we will gather at noon and picket outside of Anthony Hall until approximately 1:30. To call attention to the specific issue of health care (and also to insert a dose of humor into a serious matter), we're encouraging people to don surgical scrubs and/or bring any medical paraphernalia you have on hand (stethoscopes, surgical masks, etc). 

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