Monday, June 20, 2011

Wisconsin update

As you've probably heard, Wisconsin public sector unions have lost their battle in state court to declare Governor Walker's measure (the one gutting their collective bargaining rights) illegal.  The legal issue at stake was whether or not the State Senate violated Wisconsin's open meeting law when it scheduled a hurried vote when most Democratic state senators were off in Illinois; the court didn't rule on the substance of the measure.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has an update on the latest efforts by the unions to counterattack.  They've got a two-pronged strategy, political and legal.  They're trying to oust the Republican majority from the state senate via recall elections, and they are filing a suit in Federal court that claims that Walker's efforts to exempt certain union workers (notably the popular firefighters and policemen's unions, which also happened to support Walker's election) from his ruling violated the 14th Amendment's call for equal protection under the law.

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