Friday, July 8, 2011

Labor Film Series

The IEA unions on campus are sponsoring a film series at the Varsity. Here's their announcement:

The SIUC Labor Coalition, representing all four IEA locals on campus, is very pleased to announce a film series entitled "Viewing Issues of Labor and Capital." The series will feature three film screenings and follow-up discussions (along with refreshments!) on three Sunday afternoons over the next three months: July 17, August 14, and September 18. All screenings will be held at the Varsity Center for the Arts at 2 pm. The films to be screened are:

  • July 17: Bread and Roses: based upon the fight by industrial workers (SEIU) in Los Angeles for better working conditions and the right to unionize
  • August 14: Inside Job: an award-winning documentary on the inner workings of the economic meltdown of 2008
  • Sept 18: Struggles in Steel: African American steel workers speak about their struggle for fair treatment in the steel industry
Attached is a flyer about the series which you should feel free to distribute to friends, neighbors, and family. Our hope is that the film screening can create a community space where we can gather to discuss the current labor crisis at SIUC, its broader social and political context, and the history of labor of which it is a part.

Please mark these dates on your calendar and help spread the word about the series! We look forward to seeing you at the Varsity. 

Flier after the break.

Labor Poster

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