Thursday, March 17, 2016

Something to do

One thing we can all do--it may have a minor impact but is no great burden--is to write comments on articles like those below on widely read websites. Comments on the Capitol Fax site are particularly likely to catch the eye of those in Springfield, I've been told; they also tend to be of a somewhat higher caliber than those on newspaper sites.

Capitol Fax story on the governor's predictable reaction to a Senate bill which would fund higher ed. Rich Miller (master of Capital Fax) appends democratic comments of Sen. Gary Forby (D) in support of SIU, together with another supportive democrat.

Chicago Tribune column contrasting our current governor, with his contempt for public higher education, with the Governor Altgeld who is honored by Altgeld Hall. [Hat-tip to Angela Glaros at the EIU-UPI facebook site.]

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