Wednesday, May 11, 2016

DE won't print this summer

The DE announced today that it won't be putting out a hard copy newspaper this summer. The reasons were lack of relevant on-campus classes, which means fewer staffers will be on campus, and problems finding a printer now that the university has cut the amount it is willing to pay for printing. These aren't positive developments, obviously enough, and they reflect budget cuts (and, for summer classes, declining enrollment).

Gus BodeThe DE says they will be publishing something virtually, but as there won't be much of a staff on-campus, one doesn't imagine their online presence will be particularly robust, either; certainly reporters won't be here to interview people, take pictures, etc.

This summer could be eventful for SIUC, and not in a good way--particularly if we don't see a state budget anytime soon. I'm not cynical enough to believe that the administration has starved the DE of funding in order to help limit media coverage of possible cuts on campus, but that could be an effect, intended or not.

The DE often does excellent work. DE coverage is vital not only for campus issues but some local ones--like their work on the Tim Beaty killing in Carbondale. Other student papers are cutting back print editions as well, but it looks like the DE is cutting back, period, this summer.

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