Monday, April 4, 2011

An agenda for tomorrow's teach-in on collective bargaining in Communications 1032, from 1-5, has now been released, and can be found beneath the break.  Here's hoping to see you there.  

Teach-In: SIUC and the Big Picture
Tuesday, April 5, 2011, 1-5 pm
Communications Building 1032

1:00-1:10                  Introduction and Overview

1:10-2:30         Live Feed from New York: Cornel West and Frances Fox-Piven

2:30-2:40                  Discussion of Live Feed

2:40-2:50         The National Context, Natasha Zaretsky, History Department

2:50-3:00           The Situation at SIUC, David Johnson, Foreign Languages & Literatures

3:00-3:15                  Brainstorming Session

3:15-3:50         Questions and Answers with Union Representatives

3:50-4:00                  Where do we go from here?

This teach-in aims to facilitate a community dialogue about two interrelated sets of issues: the current state of labor negotiations at SIUC and the larger struggle over the future of collective bargaining rights of public sector workers. We believe that by coming together and collectively considering a complex series of questions, we can translate knowledge into greater levels of participation and action in the public sphere.

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