Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cheng's reception at "We Are One"

Today's Southern Illinoisian ran a good story on the We Are One rally on Friday night.  I--and no doubt others who didn't attend--would be very happy to hear of your take on the event.  I have a particularly morbid curiosity about what Cheng said and how she was received, though the Southern noted there was a mixture of applause and jeers.  Comment away . . .


  1. I was there. The scene was completely surreal. How this woman could get up and provide the opening remarks at a pro-union rally the day after unilaterally imposing furloughs on her workers--likely in violation of labor law--is a total mystery to me. Boos, hisses, and shouts of "union buster" came from the crowd. She looked surprised. And pissed. But what in the world did she expect? Outrageous.

  2. As for what she said, she pretty much cut and pasted the section from her email to faculty about how she's a friend of unions and has been a public employee her whole life. She referenced the "hard times" and expressed her respect for campus unions. Bizarre....

  3. Who organized the rally anyway? It would have been good to have had representatives from the various Unions at SIUC speak on this "grand occasion"--right after Madam Chancellor Cheng. How come they were not invited to do so?


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